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Short Term / Interim Life Cover

We understand that for some customers, the need to havea short term life insurance policy would be an invaluable benefit. There are many reasons why customers need an interim life insurance policy, but the most common is covering death in serviced benefits between jobs.

If you have no or minimal pre-existing medical conditions, we may be able to get you short term life cover within 48 hours. If you have some existing medical conditions then it may take a few weeks to get the policy underwritten.

The level of life insurance available on this type of policy is usually up to a maximum of £250,000, although we may be able to put up to £750,000 of cover in place in certain circumstances.

You can keep the policy for as long or as short a time as you want, with no penalty for cancellation.

Examples of cases where we have obtained emergency life cover for clients :

  a client who had exchanged contracts on a property and wanted life insurance for the period until completion, so that if he died during this time, his wife would have enough proceeds to complete on the purchase
  a client who was due to travel to America for three weeks who wanted to temporarily increase his life cover as he was concerned about the risk of terrorist attacks whilst travelling and staying in America
  a client who is taking early retirement, therefore losing the Death in Service benefits that came with the job, and who wanted some life insurance in place until their pension started paying at age 60
  a client who was in the process of a divorce case and wanted some temporary life cover to pay out for her children if she should die before the divorce settlement and lump sum payout was finalised
Please Note : This is not a guaranteed acceptance plan. Cover will be available for those whom evidence would suggest are eligible for a long term insurance policy after the completion of a fully underwritten application process. This includes many Pre-Existing Medical Conditions. For a comprehensive list of Medical Conditions where cover has been offered in the past please see opposite.

Disclosure : As with all insurance policies it is the responsibility of the person insured on the policy and / or the policy holder to ensure that all material information is disclosed at the point of application. If you are at all uncertain about whether any information or condition is material then you must disclose it. Failing to disclose material information could result in your policy being cancelled and claims not paid.

Please use these forms to provide details of your insurance requirements.  
Completed form can be faxed to 0871 277 1422 or via email to
    In all cases please complete the General Life Insurance Questionnaire and send it to us with the appropriate
supplemental questionnaire(s)
Please be patient while the file downloads  
Download General Life Insurance Questionnaire
General Life Insurance Questionnaire  
        Supplemental Questionnaires  
Download Pre-Existing Medical Condition Questionnaire
Pre Existing Medical Conditions  
         Please complete one form for each condition you have  
Hazardous Occupation Questionnaire
Hazardous Occupation  
Hazardous Country Questionnaire
Hazardous Location / Country  
Short Term / Interim Life Insurance Quote
The following are just a few reasons why a short term interim life insurance policy may be an ideal solution :


  To secure a mortgage or loan where immediate cover is a requirement
  To stay covered while you change or renew policies
  A sudden change to personal circumstances, e.g having a family or divorce
  To support an immediate bridging loan
Medical Conditions

If you suffer or have suffered from any medical condition such as these, it will typically take 6 - 12 weeks before you get an offer of life insurance, as the insurer will want to write to your GP to get the full details of your medical history.

  Heart Disease
  Mental Illness
  Multiple Sclerosis
  Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
  High Cholesterol
  Crohns Disease
  Ulcerative Colitis
  Unusual Body Mass Index
  Heart Attack
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